BA. in Theology


“What does not kill me …

“What does not kill me makes me stronger.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

لماذا لم يٌذكر ” الله” فى سفر أستير ؟

يرجع ذلك الى عدة اسباب محتملة:

– الاحتمال الاول هو ان يكون هذا السفر قد كٌتب كسفر كرازى لشعوب بلاد فارس, و لكى يكون بلغة غير مباشرة او صادمة لهؤلاء الامم قصد الكاتب ان لا يذكر أسم الله كلفظ مباشرة, بل يستنتج القراء ان اله اليهود هو الذى انقذهم و دبر كل هذه الامور العجيبة من اجل مصلحتهم.

 – الاحتمال الثانى هو ان كاتب السفر كان لديه قناعة ان القراء قد قراؤا فعلا معظم كتب العهد القديم الأخرى و بالتالى لا داعى لأعادة ذكر اسم اله فى السفر, بل راى لسبب ما ان يعطى الادلة و يترك للقارىء نفسه ان يصل الى انتأئج (اسلوب غير مباشر فى السرد و الكتابة)

   و فى النهاية ينبغى ان يكون واضحا ان وجود اسم الله كلفظ فى سفر من الاسفار لم يكن ابدا شرطا لأدراج هذا السفر من عدم أدراجه ضمن الاسفار القانونية فى الكتاب المقدس.

I Love my Father

He was not a good father that is the simple and direct truth. Since my early years he used to humiliate me, treat me in bad ways. I don’t mean here that he beat me or use violence, but sometimes words hurt more than physical violence. The most thing ever that could hurt you- as a kid- is mocking words from your parents. Believe me you can bear mocking words from any living person, but when it is coming from one of your parents it hurts as a knife in your back, that is because they suppose to be your source of trust and encouragement, not vocal abusing.

Before the year 1999 I never thought I can love him one day, but when I put my trust in Jesus that year, things begin to change. I am not saying immediately I found myself loving him, but rather my attitude towards all people and things begins to change; it is like as if you were wearing new glasses which change the way you see things, these are the glasses of grace, and peace of God through His magnificent Son Jesus. Jesus didn’t only save you from divine punishment and the wrath of God  the Father, but he actually planted in your heart a new worldview about God as your perfect Father, and this consequently affects how you feel, and think of your earthly father even though you realize the differences.

Since I accepted Jesus I begin to feel the grace of God the Father, the de facto Father, the creator of the family, relations , and the designer of fatherhood, things changed ever since, and one of the great blessings I had, is restoring my love and respect to my earthly father through the grace of my heavenly Father’s Son.

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