Faith Journey

Faith is risky, it is a moving activity not passive mental ideas, it is a belief with a proof implied within. Open your Bible; search for Noah who built a huge ark, and took the responsibility of managing a massive saving process, not only of his family but also of many other creatures; birds, mammals , reptiles, etc…Turn few pages, now you can see the father of faith “Abraham” who travelled to Haran, then to a land of possibilities and risks depending only on what God has told him, despite of not knowing what awaits him there, but he had faith.

This is faith; it is the most risky , dangerous, but exciting thing that could happen to you. You are going to be shocked, pained, and glorified as the chief of faith “Jesus” who had been glorified after having a great journey of faith to save the world including you. Yes in order to start your own journey of faith. Jesus Christ didn’t die only to justify you before God the father and cleanses you from sins, but  for a glorious life that would be a life by faith. It is for all who believe in Him according to the New Testament (see John 14: 12) so if you are living a religious passive Christian life, that is not what He planned for you, no matter what you pastor or spiritual leader says, this is not a proper Christian life. Thus shift gears and start your exciting faith journey and you will never regret, start by simply following these tips or steps:

Simply trust in Jesus , and His words more than you trust other sources of wisdom in your life.

Nurture your mental and emotional trust by meditation on the word of God, and prayers.

Finally begin to act upon what you learn and believe, remember this is the most critical and important  step. of course you will fail in many ways, but you will also experience the glory of divine success in the life of faith.Don’t be afraid faith won’t kill you( unless you are living in an Islamic country)  , you will be enjoying your super journey of faith with your chief of faith as your leader who will surely ensure your success.


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