People Dialogue

Me: That is normal, don’t panic. We all encounter all sort of people in life, surely you too; people who are encouraging, inspiring, people who would lift you up. Other people who gonna shake your heart, and endeavor to tease you every time you see them. The former are surely blessings from God you may think, good people are always needed , and a loving God bless us with them being part of our lives. and the latter too.

Him: Give me a break, how in the world, those latcrowd-of-peopleter sort of people be blessings, where is God in having them in our lives? Teasing us, and stealing our merriness, can’t you understand all the annoyance they are causing for me?

Me:  Issues are not always found in people around us only, in fact there are issues in every living creature, so try to figure out what are your issues first before criticizing other people’s issues, remember tha is a biblical principle.

Him: I know I have issues , but not like them indeed, they are annoying people.

Me: Knowing your issues will help you not to grow as a criticizing grown up, who tends to judge others rather than caring about them. The second thing you should try is to focus on God, and His purpose in your life , than focusing on others. Don’t care much about what people would say, or what they think of you, esp. mocking guys, because mocking people are not to shape or engrave your life, but God should be the one who do so.

Thus don’t let them be your “god’ , and don’t submit to their teasing pressure . Remember when Moses cared  about what people would say in so far, he upset God, and if Jesus had cared that far , he would have abandoned the cross, and failed to accomplish the plan of salvation . Therefore don’t worry , conquer your anger, depression and fears, people are not that perfect, and also not that bad, don’t expect too much from them but care about them, hold to God, and stand on His promises , believe His word, figure out His good plans for your life , among good, and not-good people.


No Perfect Human

“There are no perfect human beings! Persons can be found who are good, very good indeed, and even great. There do in fact exist creators, seers, sages, saints, shakers, and movers… even if they are uncommon and do not come by the dozen. And yet these very same people can at times be boring, irritating, petulant, selfish, angry, or depressed. To avoid disillusionment with human nature, we must first give up our illusions about it.”
Abraham Maslow

Humans are not perfect indeed. that is why we are all sinners

أهم أساس لحياتك


 أنظر حولك, ستجد الكثير من بائعى الامال و صائدى الاحلام ممن يروجون للعديد من الامور على أنها الاساس الأمثل  لحياتك, فالبعض يقنعك ان المال هو المراد و هو الاساس الذى يجب ان   تستند عليه , الذى لو أستقام لأستقامت حياتك و بُنيت على أساس متين سليم, و راسخ . و أخرون سيأخذونك الى المركز الأجتماعى فطبقتك الأجتماعية تحدد مكانك فى المجتمع و هى اساس كل شىء فى حياتك, و أخرون غيرهم سيحولونك الى التعليم و الشهادات كأساس اكاديمى راقى و متميز تبنى عليه حياتك دون مادية او طبقيية. و أخيرا فأن هناك تجار أخرون و بائعى امال سيبيعون لك أساس اخر اكثر رقيا و هو اساس راقى فى ظاهره خطير فى باطنه و هو اساس الدين, فالدين و اتباع الشرع الالهى السماوى هو بالتأكيد أهم من كل الاساسات السابقه, و فى ذلك انا لن أعارضهم على المطلق لكن لعلى قبل أن اوافقهم على أن أطرح هذا السؤال الهام: ما هو مفهوم الدين؟

  إن كان مفهوم الدين هو ما يريده الله منك من فرائض و شرائع و طقوس او عبادات, فبالتأكيد الله السرمدى خالق الكون, ,و معطى الأنسان العقل و الحكمة, لا يمكن أختزال علاقته بالأنسان فى هذا المفهوم الضيق البدائى, لكن إن كان مفهوم الدين هو روحانية القلب و الحياة وفقا لمبادىء سماوية ترتفع بالأنسان من ركاب الهمجية و الحيوانية القديمة الى حياة النبل , التضحية , البر,و الفداء و الطاعة لخالق صالح و محب, بل و التمثل به ففى ذلك انا أتفق معهم . أن الدين هو الأساس الروحى الأسمى التى يجب أن تُبنى عليه حياتك إذا كان هذا الدين يقودك الى الأرتقاء و التسامى و ليس الى الهمجية او الى مجرد الطقسية و التقليدية الجوفاء, فالله خالق و هو خلاق و الدين الذى تبنى عليه حياتك يجب ان يجعلك شخص خلاق و ليس كائن تقليدى بغبغائى متكرر , تكرر الكلام باطلا فى صلوات طويلة لأظهار التدين الزائف. و الله إيضا اله سامى فهو سماوى مرتفع يسموا عن دنو البشر و همجية الحيوان, لذلك فالدين الذى يصلح أن يكون أساسا لحياتك لابد ان يرتفع بك الى الروحانيات, و ان يسمو بأخلاقك و يحلق بها عاليا فوق جبال الهمجية و العنصرية و العنف و الحسد و الكراهية الى سماء المحبة و البر و السلام و التسامح.

أخيرا و ليس أخرا فأن ما ستبنى عليه حياتك يجب ان يكون أقوى من ضعفك, فالانسان ضعيف أكثر مما تظن, فهو دائما فى حاجة لمن يقوية و يساعده و يعين ضعفه دون ان ينزلق معه فى سقطاته, بل يرشده و ينصحة و يحمل ضعفه و معاصية عنه, أنت تحتاج الى اله مثل الأب الصالح الذى يحب ابنه و يرعاة و يساعده و يؤدبه احيانا عندما يخطىء, فلو الدين يقدم لك هذا الاله فهو يصلح ان تبنى عليه حياتك كأساس بل كأهم أساس لحياة تستحق ان تُعاش.

Democracy 2


It is nearly one year since the M.brotherhood president started ruling the country of Egypt. I have never imagined or thought of living to see these hard times swallowing the whole nation specially on the economic level. Although all things, nowadays, seem to be going down, and darkness crawling over the face of the nation, but there is still some light at one corner, this light may be the one and only fruit of the latter democracy in the country; this light is the fact that for the first time since 1954 ordinary Egyptians begin to realize the reality of the Muslim brotherhood and their defaults. The ordinary man or woman now knows for sure that the Gema3a (M.Brotherhood) are not capable of ruling the country, and are nothing more than a bunch of liars that don’t care for the country, but only cares about their own members.

Finally by the end of this month a great conflict is expected to happen between the enlighten Egyptian youth,oppositions and the Islamic brotherhood, I pray that violence will not grow to civil war, and for the country to pass the worst of it .

A Better World


 The world will mean nothing if there is no love, hope and faith embedded in it; without faith there is no trust in ourselves, and in God. No faith equals no God, for there is nothing to belief in, and no direction to lead us through  crazy and confusing instances.

A world with no hope is a world with no tomorrow, nothing but despair, and broken dreams hitting the shore of misery.

Without love, there are no relations, no fellowships, no families, just blocs of half-living half-dead human figures living in the same cold planet, consequently without love there is no God in this world; because God is love, and love is Jesus who died for me and you, for this world whom God loves.

A world without Jesus is no place worth living, it will be a place for defeat, death , and groaning, while a world with Jesus is a world which still have faith in someone who cares, love for a creator and a redeemer, and hope for a better tomorrow .

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