Thoughts Concerning Covenant

A covenant is not  mere agreement , it is a relation based on terms, promises, and obligations involving the two or more parties of the covenant.

Your relation with God in Jesus is a covenant relation ; the New Covenant (Matthew 26: 28) , it is the covenant of grace, love, and peace between you and God, sanctified by the sacrifice of God’s lamb: Jesus who is God-man.

God takes His covenant with you seriously, so should you.

God’s covenant with you is more important than any other covenant in your life, in fact it is a sort of scale-like thing which  measures  the degree of His importance in your life (Neh. 9, 10,  Luke 14: 26).

Despite the fact that the covenant with God is ultimately good and gracious, one way or another, sooner or later, it will cause you unrest, it might even hurt you, or cause you troubles. This is true as long as you live in a fallen and sinful world with no covenant to keep, and within the confines of the flesh which opposes the Spirit of God in you.

God will always  keep his promises, and His covenant will not fail , even if you break it, you can always repent and come back to Him, fortunately it doesn’t depend on you and your own faithfulness, but on His perfect faithfulness.

by: Hany N. Sadik



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