Esther & Christian Life

One day God used an old man named Moses to deliver His dear Israel out of Egypt,  many centuries later: in another day He used a young lady named Esther to save His scattered people: the Jews – in all the Persian provinces, from slaughter by the hands of their enemies. Today, if you are a Christian, God may be preparing you for a mission, a task  to save souls from new Egypts, and modern Satanic slaughtering plots.

     One true common fact regarding this is that it has never been an easy mission nor ever will be; it always involve hardships, responsibilities, even  to a degree of risking and sacrificing your own life for the sake of this divine rescue mission, it seems hard nevertheless it is a plausible implementation of Jesus’ own words: ” Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” (Mat.10: 39). It was never easy for Esther to go to the king, and risk her own life in the hope of saving her people, but she believed it was God’s own rescue mission, and that she was divinely assigned for this moment. 

     Let us then follow Esther’s example, and walk in the light of our master’s words quoted in the previous paragraph by realizing that a Christian life is not about us in the first place, it is rather a life graciously given to us on purpose, it is Christ’s life in us (Gal.2: 20), thus it is a life of sacrifice, sacrifice for others; for saving souls, for aiding the needy, a life which is not selfish or self centered, but rather a life for the glory of God.

     Let us then willingly lose our lives for His sake to find them in His glory.


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