As I was reading through the text of the book of Exodus this summer, I noticed something regarding the two signs, which the LORD gave to Moses. Those two signs were aiming, not only, at mere confirmation of the truthfulness of the message (Exod 4:1-9), but also were to witness קוֹל a message to the hearers.

The usage of קוֹל (sound/voice), and the verb שׁמע (listen) in the phrase יִשְׁמְע֔וּ לְקֹ֖ל הָאֹ֣ת (Exod 4:8) translated by the NET Bible, “pay attention to the … sign” does not point to the meaning of the sign, but rather denotes  “the voice”, the “noise” it causes. As if the signs cry loud to the people, “this is supernatural, this is divine, and you got to believe.”

Therefore, these signs were to accompany Moses’ words, in order to witness to the divine origin of the salvation he proclaims. The Signs were a voice, a trumpet that this Salvation is both true and divine.

In fact, this pattern is similar to Jesus’ proclamation of salvation (John 10: 36-38). A proclamation that was accompanied by marvelous signs to witness to the Divinity of Jesus and the truthfulness and seriousness of His Salvation. Of course I need to do further study to confirm/refute this interpretation. Nonetheless, I thought it is worth sharing so far.


As I Grow

As I grow in my walk with the Lord, I learn to thank Him for things that I used to complain about, also for things I used to fear from. He is the Creator and Savior; therefore, He knows everything and everyone. Surely His wisdom greatly exceeds my understanding, and His love would overcome my fears.

Love 101

The Christian love is shaped by the biblical concept of sacrifice. God the Father showed us His love in the incarnational and sacrificial work of His Son (Jn 3:16). Moreover, love is given to Christians by the dwelling of His Spirit in them when they believed (Rom 5:5). Therefore, true Christian love is not about satisfying the self, nor it is mere emotionalism.

Loving our enemies for instance, does not necessary involve having affections towards those who persecute us ( the context of Luke 6 for instance;  the early followers of Jesus anticipated persecution). Nor does biblical love mean to pretend to have passion towards those who embrace sin and impose it on others (  think of all kinds of sin, may be this is a sort of hypocrisy). In our endeavors to win sinners to Christ, we should be cautious not to be no different from them. The downward spiral in the name of love is an easy way to go.

Rather to love our enemies involves caring for them and their souls,  being able to serve them and to work for their true interest, despite our own feelings (Luke 6:27).  In short,  biblical Christians should not buy into the world’s perception of love, because  we disagree with the world on the meaning, source, and the end of love. If we believe in the Bible authority, we should make it the fountain of our perspectives.


Devotion Psalm 93

There is an undeniable connection  between the dwelling place of the LORD and the presence of holiness,  between God’s reign and submission to His commandments. God forgives sin when its proper price is paid, by the shed of innocent blood as a sacrifice;  by the death of Christ the Savior. Nonetheless, sin is never tolerated by our Holy LORD, regardless of  what the world thinks. The reign of the LORD is a rule of holiness.

Devotion from Psalms 60, 61

Victory is not mainly determined by your preparation for it, nor by your strength to accomplish it, but it is mainly determined by the One who can lead you to the rock of your salvation.

This is  the mighty God who is stronger than both: you, and your enemies. If He is with you, then yours is the victory; He is your one and true victory in this life.

دعوة لتجديد العهد

.فى مثل هذا اليوم 2يوليو من عام 2006, أى قبل ثمانية أعوام, تجدد العهد بين الله و بيني- الذى كان قد بدأ يوم وجدتنى نعمة الله و قبلت المسيح مخلصاُ شخصياً-. و بعدها بأقل من عام٢٠٠٧  تفرغت للخدمةو الدراسة.

و كان ما تكلم به الله الى قلبى فى ذلك اليوم هو:  أن لا أبالى بالضلال و الفساد من حولي, و أن أتبعه من خلال دراسة كلمته بأمانة دون الألتفات أو بالحرى التأثر بالناس و الخدمات أو حتى الكنائس من حولي. و على الرغم من حقيقة أنى لم أكن طوال هذه السنوات أميناً لكلامه, ألا انه هو ظل أميناً و كان يعيدني بنعمته الى الحق و الى أحترام سلطة الكلمة المقدسة التي هى أعلان الله عن نفسه للأنسان

        اليوم و أنا أتذكر نعمته و عهده يتأكد لى حجم الفساد الانساني و الطبيعة الساقطة سواء خارج الكنيسة أو حتى داخلها, حتى ليؤسفني القول أن اليوم يوجد القليل اللذين يمكن أن أعتبرهم    ” مسيحيين كتابيين” , و هنا لا أعنى ضرورة الأتفاق الكامل فى التعاليم بقدر ما أقصد مكانة الكتاب المقدس , كلمة الله, مكانتها و أهميتها فى الكنيسة و الحياة بصفة عامة. لقد أصبح الكثير من المسيحيين اليوم أكثر تحضراً, أجمل من جهة المظاهر, و حتى أقل تعصباً فى العلن, لكن سلطان كلمة الله و مكانتها فى حياة أغلبهم فى تناقص مستمر لصالح أمور و أشخاص أخرين, و بأشكال و ألوان مختلفة: فالبعض يجعل للميديا الذراع العليا فى حياته, و البعض الأخر الأهل و الأقارب, و البعض الأخر أصبحوا خداماً للمشاعر و الأحاسيس و لرغبات الناس أكثر من ما تعلمه كلمة لله, و الكثيرون هم تابعيين أمناء – ليس للكلمة- لما تمليه الثقافة و التقاليد بصرف النظر عن رأي الكتاب المقدس و كاتبه

لكن يبقى دائماً المسيح أميناً لكلمته التى لا و لن تسقط أبداً و معه كل من بقى على عهده الى اليوم الأخير, و من يغلب سيُعطي أن يأكل من شجرة الحياة. فلنجدد عهودنا معه لكى يثبتنا بنعمته فى كلمته و يحفظنا من كل تيارات الضلال و الفساد التي هى فى داخلنا قبل أن تكون فى خارجنا

Thoughts Concerning Covenant

A covenant is not  mere agreement , it is a relation based on terms, promises, and obligations involving the two or more parties of the covenant.

Your relation with God in Jesus is a covenant relation ; the New Covenant (Matthew 26: 28) , it is the covenant of grace, love, and peace between you and God, sanctified by the sacrifice of God’s lamb: Jesus who is God-man.

God takes His covenant with you seriously, so should you.

God’s covenant with you is more important than any other covenant in your life, in fact it is a sort of scale-like thing which  measures  the degree of His importance in your life (Neh. 9, 10,  Luke 14: 26).

Despite the fact that the covenant with God is ultimately good and gracious, one way or another, sooner or later, it will cause you unrest, it might even hurt you, or cause you troubles. This is true as long as you live in a fallen and sinful world with no covenant to keep, and within the confines of the flesh which opposes the Spirit of God in you.

God will always  keep his promises, and His covenant will not fail , even if you break it, you can always repent and come back to Him, fortunately it doesn’t depend on you and your own faithfulness, but on His perfect faithfulness.

by: Hany N. Sadik


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