Why I donot support Sisi

For many Egyptian Christians, Sisi is worth to be supported for several political and ecclesiastical reasons. Moreover, for completely different reasons, some conservatives in the West seem to prefer a stable and strong military leader in Egypt. Nonetheless, from mere Christian perspectives, supporting a lunatic tyrant shouldn’t be warranted.

Sisi might be fighting terrorists, but certainly not terrorism in the broader sense. On the contrary, his unjust policies will lead to an insurgence of terrorism.

If Christians would betray their principles of love, justice, and equality for political and security reasons, what a shallow and shaken faith they posses. I believe the Word of God, I take it seriously, and I cannot justify the deeds of an evil, liar, and lunatic tyrant- who torture, jail, and kill people, for the sake of temporary peace.

A true Christian should be true to Christ and his Word, not to a pope, or patriarch, or any earthly leader, and he/she is in no way obligated to support what violates his faith and conscience. Any Pharaoh will eventually perish, while the Lord will reign forever.



What Happened in Egypt II


When I wrote the first blog describing what was happening in Egypt  last Jun 2013, this was really what I thought to be a massive second revolution, in fact I myself participated in it . I knew there must be an action from the Military SCAF to support the move, by that time we were all focusing on the defaults and the mistakes of the Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi, but what was the great civil move is now stolen and over ridden by the Military.

After what security forces had done to Islamic Egyptians at Rabah Square ( killing more than 700 civilian, August 2013), what followed next was security forces with the aid of special military troops detaining thousands  civilians from all political groups and killing hundreds during the last few months, I must here also mention the violence of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic Militias which killed many of security forces,  but look what we have now : again  a severe security state;  no rights no hope for tomorrow , young people disappointed and in despair.

Today General Sisi, the real head of state, is preparing himself to be the new Pharaoh of Egypt by the blessings of millions who believed in a global conspiracy theory against their country. I was wrong and my friend was right, what happen in Egypt was a perfect Military coup which used our rising up, and dreams to take the country to either two ways

The first: a new dictatorship of corrupted SCAF generals (back to Mubarak state)

Second: a total chaos (failing state).

If you pray, pray for me and my family to get out.

Things humans hope for

I don’t know why it has to be this way! May be because of the fallen nature (although it is found every where it is widely manifested here) , long dictatorship, or may be because of our simple minds, but sorry to admit that always at the end of the day- in countries like my own- it is either to be pro regime or a traitor. pro military or pro Muslim brotherhood, security supporter or anti-state anarchy.

Until this changes by opposition being admitted publicly and distinguished from Islamic terrorism ,no real development,  social or economic progress, human rights, religious freedom for all, freedom of speech, and all things humans hope for are to ever come true.

Please pray for the humans’ hope and freedom in Middle Eastern Countries


Tolerance to Jihad I

While we may view life in different ways according to our different perspectives. Still we all usually agree in that life is worth living. Nonetheless, when a group, a sect, or a party sees life as an exclusive right to its members, and views it for others as a gift to be bestowed by this same sect ( or in other words a charity it does by permitting them to exist along with it ). Hence, we should seriously be aware of what we are dealing with here.



It bothers me when I hear many postmodern voices from the West  shouting and chanting ; appealing their societies and governments to be tolerant by giving this religious group a chance to express themselves and to build on their profound heritage. Here where slogans like tolerance and Islamphobia come into play, but this is senseless to say the least; how can Westerners  defend enemies of life yet claim to be reasonable?! How can you demand tolerance for killers who lie for a chance to deceive you!

This sect rises only in the dark and with darkness, they will use your Western tools, tolerance, and attitudes as they had used their own folks’ ignorance to rise to power, that’s it: I mean period, nothing more or less. No freedom, no real democracy no  real civilization, and not even a life worth living.

     Islamists will never abandon their core principles, terrorism is simply the English word for  Jihad, and it is not an unpleasant thing to them  -as you view it – nor bloodshed is of any sort of offense or even sin. Their consciences are not moved by it. On the contrary terrorism is an essential religious activity in order to make Allah satisfied, and to live as a good Muslim.  Jihad (terrorism) is both in their identity and fruit of their belief system. It is deeper than you think, how than you expect them to betray or abandon it?! , Come on, don’t ask or hope for the impossible.

To be continued for suggested solutions for the dilemma.

غد اّخر


هل تكفى السجون لكل المعتقلين

وهل تكفى المستشفيات لكل المصابين

يذهب هذا الجيل و يذوب الناس

يولد اّخرون  لا يريدون ذات الكأس

الا يوجد غد اّخر

ام ان قدرنا عراق اّخر

الم يكن يكفينا الفقر و المرض

و حياة بلا هدف او بلد

هل ثار الشعب ضد حكامه

ام ثار على نفسه و على حياته

اكانوا يريدون القبور

و جثث  تأكلها النسور

أعتدتم على منظر الدماء ام تحتاجون المزيد

لكن الامل لا يجب ان يموت

هناك مصر جديدة

بلد جديدة

طالما هناك جيل جديد

ينبت ليغير الواقع و يزيل كل الاساطير

مصر لا تكره و لا تضطهد

مصر لا تجوع و تقترض

مصر لا تقتل اولادها

و لا تلقى بعقولها فى سله مهملاتها

What Happened in Egypt?

egypt rise1


“It is clear as hell, what happened is simply a military coup”, one of my friends exclaimed, while we were discussing the situation in Egypt after 30 June. I acknowledge that many in the West today hold the same conception regarding the recent situation in Egypt: as a military coup against the democratically elected president Morsi , and they are wondering why many in Egypt don’t see it the same way.

To answer this question, first I have to illustrate the whole picture of the past year briefly; since the elected president grasped authority in June 2012. Mohammed Morsi, as known to many, is the Muslim brotherhood candidate, and during his presidential poll he promised many things:

–       To be a democratic president to all Egyptians.

–       To be a tolerant president towards oppositions.

–       He swore to respect the constitution and law in front of the Supreme court.

What happen, very soon afterwards, proved that all mentioned above were just empty promises .

Democracy was sound only for his Muslim brotherhood fellows, who where elevated and hired in all sort of prompted positions in the government .Respecting or regarding the constitution Morsi stamped on the  highest law of the country on November 2012 by the dictatorial  constitution declaration . I don’t need to mention the economic decline of the country because its more than conspicuous, regarding tolerance Morsi ‘ speeches to the public where full of offensive and sectarian language .In a  nutshell Morsi was an elected president, but he also was a dictator even worse than Mubarak .

Since January 2013 many Egyptians felt that they can’t take it any longer, some would even ask military officers – whom they know or are their own relatives – frankly : why don’t the army overthrow this Morsi ? I heard more than once in my own humble acquaintance circles, and the answer goes something like this :” if you will go for it we will support, and protect you”. This statement aptly summarizes what has happened recently in Egypt, for by the end of April this same year the Tamurd youth movement lunched it’s a creative idea off convincing as many people as they can to sign papers which shows that they refuse the role of the Muslim brotherhood president Morsi, challenging his legitimacy, they claim to gather more than 20.millions signed papers from all over Egypt

Whether this record is precise or not,  I will not argue , I doubt  it myself , nevertheless it shows the intense anger, and unrest among a wide range of Egyptians .

On 30th June, millions really rallied against the rule of this fairly dictator not only in Tahrir square, but in many others squares and in majors cities other than Cairo, I went to Tahrir square before  SCAF took the side of  majority and what was significant about the scene there was that many ordinary families were there chanting against Muslim brotherhood and Morsi by their own, without a leader or any sort of  political parties work  of gathering or organizing .

They were the people; ordinary Egyptians, the civil society , the army generals supported this civil movement  on July 3rd by ousting  the disastrous dictator Mohamed Morsi who was the worse ruler in Egypt’s modern history since as far as 1882

I am not a SCAF fan as you may think, I don’t support a military rule, Mubarak was one of them , never the less, this case can’t simply be a military coup it is a civil revolution supported or rather completed by a needed military action ; the military shot the last bullet, that’s how things are done in Egypt so far .

Finally as for Christian I don’t have to say that almost all of us thought of the last year of the Muslim brotherhood rule as a nightmare. I personally saw it as a sort of temptation, and I thank God He passed us through with minimum losses so far, although I cannot deny that Christian will surly continue to suffer the avenging assaults of the Islamists in the coming days, and this is due to the certain fact that we are easier targets than army barracks, police stations , … etc.

Still you want to call it  a military coup my friend ,well I won’t argue any more but remember even if it’s a coup, millions of Egyptian people longed for it to happen , and they sincerely perceived it  as an urgent reformations to their  country ‘s democratic development.

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