Not to Be Surprised


Surely there are many good and non violent people among all races and religious groups.Yet one cannot predict who out of the followers of  Islam would be born from below. By the “born from below,” I simply mean the exact opposite of the  biblical term “born from above,” or in other translations “born again” (John 3).

While this term might sound weird for most of non Christians, Christians shouldn’t be surprised. Because we Christians believe that God through His Spirit  transforms their lives, and they refer to this transformation as being “born again” or “born from above.” Therefore, it is not hard for us to understand that another faith system can offer an opposite transforming experience  from our own.

To be more clear, I am not trying to demonize the followers of Islam, but to clarify the wickedness of  serious and true Muslims, who are certainly  transformed by an evil belief system of  hate and deception. This system of faith is simply evil since it comprises clear elements of hate, and violence. A belief system that justifies bloodshed of infidels, Jews, and Christians. All this, can be found , not only in the Quran, but also in the Hadith, in the history of interpretation, and is practically manifested by their long history of intolerance toward different non Muslim faiths for more than fourteen centuries.

By personal observation, this transformation can span from few days to years, also it can never be completed to a full transforming experience in the life time of a Muslim (which  is in fact more common). Yet when this “born from below” experience occurs, and his/her mind is activated and indoctrinated with a seriously strong jihadic  belief system.

The consequences  conform to Hell, and people are astonished or rather stunned by this acts of Jihad. Nonetheless, Christians  shouldn’t be appalled by these acts of evil, because we also have a belief system that is good, and we not only believe that our good God exists, but also we belief  that Satan exists, and  that he is active in this fallen world (Eph 2:2). We can understand that there can be an evil transforming religious experience, when people truly believe in bad and evil doctrines.

Moreover, we also know that our  ultimate hope is not in the wisdom of this age, nor in an earthly savior who is a smart politician or a good statesman (although these are needed to restrict evil in the world), but our real  hope is in Christ and God’s Kingdom.To him be Glory and the final victory over all these evils, and over Satan himself (Rev 20:10).



Tolerance to Jihad I

While we may view life in different ways according to our different perspectives. Still we all usually agree in that life is worth living. Nonetheless, when a group, a sect, or a party sees life as an exclusive right to his members, and views it for others as a gift to be bestowed by this same sect ( or in other words a charity it does by permitting them to exist along with it ). Hence, we should seriously be aware of what we are dealing with here.



It bothers me when I hear many postmodern voices from the West  shouting and chanting ; appealing their societies and governments to be tolerant by giving this religious group a chance to express themselves and to build on their profound heritage. Here where slogans like tolerance and Islamphobia come into play , but this is senseless to say the least; how can Westerns  defend the enemies of life yet claim to be reasonable?! How can you demand tolerance for killers who lie for a chance to deceive you!

This sect rises only in the dark and with darkness, they will use your Western tools, tolerance, and attitudes as they had used their own folks’ ignorance to rise to power, that’s it: I mean period, nothing more or less. No freedom, no real democracy no  real civilization, and not even a life worth living.

     Islamists will never abandon their core principles, terrorism is simply the English word for  Jihad, and it is not an unpleasant thing to them  -as you view it – nor bloodshed is of any sort of offense or even sin. Their consciences are not moved by it, as yours do. On the contrary terrorism is an essential religious activity to them in order to make Allah satisfied, and to live as a good Muslim.  Jihad (terrorism) is both in their identity and fruit of their belief system. It is deeper than you imagine, how than you expect them to betray or abandon it?! , Come on, don’t ask or hope for the impossible.

To be continued for suggested solutions for the dilemma.

Will Be Done


Recently more than 60 church buildings were torched in various governorates across the country of Egypt, after massive clashes between Egyptian security forces and Islamists supporting ousted president Morsi. My approach, in this short post, is to scrutinize the idea behind this particular phenomenon. And to answer the most important question: is this action merely because of political reasons? Or it comes from a religious dogma rooted in the hearts of those Islamists?

To start let me try to understand the Islamists view of this matter that can be found in their writings (Quran, Prophet Mohamed’s hadith, and Fatwa).

Although the Quran comprises some verses that plainly label Christians, and Jews by infidelity, but it didn’t talk directly about our issue, nevertheless some of the early and trustworthy commentators on the Quran interpreted some verses, like for instance verse 40 in Surah El Hag (no.22), in a way that suggest than the only reason that spared some churches and synagogues from being torched or destroyed during the 7th century Islamic invasion is the restrict laws issued, by that time to ban those infidels ( Christians, and Jews) from building new ones or maintain old buildings.

Some famous hadith( sayings from the prophet himself ) suggest that he ordered his followers, not to allow building new churches or synagogues, nor shall they license the renewal of old ones in the lands which they will succeed to conquer.

If we should ban bars, and houses of fornication in the lands of Islam, how much more should we be obligated to ban the houses of infidel worship (church buildings) which are used to promote infidelity and polytheism” this statement is quoted from a famous Fatwa  based on some  similar hadith.

In short, by torching churches Islamists are not merely intending to terror or even punish Christians, they are obeying the will of Allah (god), and the orders of the Prophet which their modern rulers broke, or let me use an analogy from Christianity itself: we are familiar with the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6: 10 that reads as follows: “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, while Christians may pray for their Father in heaven in order that His will be accomplished on earth also as it is so in heaven, or they may also try to help it accomplished by evangelizing or charity doings or even by taking political sides , etc…,

In the same way Islamists who torch church buildings are simply accomplishing the ultimate will of Allah who will finally put all these Christians in the fires of Hell. It is their final destiny ( according to their doctrine), and all they are doing is what Allah will sooner or later do to all the non-Muslims any way.

We can easily infer from above that burning church buildings is not just a political phenomenon ignited from a political conflict between the non Islamic government and the M. brotherhood – as the popular media , and politicians interpret the issue-  but it has its religious and dogmatic roots that keep it on fire longer and higher when the time is proper for it to torch.

People Dialogue

Me: That is normal, don’t panic. We all encounter all sort of people in life, surely you too; people who are encouraging, inspiring, people who would lift you up. Other people who gonna shake your heart, and endeavor to tease you every time you see them. The former are surely blessings from God you may think, good people are always needed , and a loving God bless us with them being part of our lives. and the latter too.

Him: Give me a break, how in the world, those latcrowd-of-peopleter sort of people be blessings, where is God in having them in our lives? Teasing us, and stealing our merriness, can’t you understand all the annoyance they are causing for me?

Me:  Issues are not always found in people around us only, in fact there are issues in every living creature, so try to figure out what are your issues first before criticizing other people’s issues, remember tha is a biblical principle.

Him: I know I have issues , but not like them indeed, they are annoying people.

Me: Knowing your issues will help you not to grow as a criticizing grown up, who tends to judge others rather than caring about them. The second thing you should try is to focus on God, and His purpose in your life , than focusing on others. Don’t care much about what people would say, or what they think of you, esp. mocking guys, because mocking people are not to shape or engrave your life, but God should be the one who do so.

Thus don’t let them be your “god’ , and don’t submit to their teasing pressure . Remember when Moses cared  about what people would say in so far, he upset God, and if Jesus had cared that far , he would have abandoned the cross, and failed to accomplish the plan of salvation . Therefore don’t worry , conquer your anger, depression and fears, people are not that perfect, and also not that bad, don’t expect too much from them but care about them, hold to God, and stand on His promises , believe His word, figure out His good plans for your life , among good, and not-good people.

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