A Dialogue

me: Why do you hate us?

him: We don’t

me: Yes you do. just tell me the reason. I can understand why you hate the Israelis, the crusaders, or even the Americans for political and national reasons, but us, we are your fellow citizens. Why you hate us, why you persecute us?

him: Persecution is a big word, there is no persecution for Christians  in the country, and you cannot deny this truth.

me: Are you serious, how is that?

him: Because you and more than 3 million Christians are still living, look around you, how many churches you have built in our land. If we had persecuted you, as you claim, there would have been no Christians, and no churches in Egypt at all, like many other countries in the region.

me: “your land,”  what a concept, but still you did not answer my question, why do you hate us?

him: Because you lived all that long among us, I mean all these years, centuries, yet you refused to surrender to Islam. You hate Islam. Americans, and Europeans did not live in the land of Islam as you have, except some of them during the short periods of the crusaders, and colonization, and many of those have surrendered to Islam, and many will. The future is ours, here and there.




“Torah is not merely a collection of prohibitions, rigid strictures and boring observances. Rather, it is a narrative of the blessings and promises of God initially offered to one person and family, but through which the whole world will ultimately be blessed.” Walter C. Kaiser JR.



IMG_20150305_151934467      I love Timothy so much, he may look like me, and he reminds me of his grandfather. He is smart and kind, yet strong willing (which is not an easy thing to deal with while raising your kid). I hope the Lord grants him a better life than I live, and I pray that he never go back through the way I came from. More importantly, I pray that one day the Holy Spirit will touch his heart, and change him for the Lord’s glory.

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