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Following up on the previous post, here is the second question posed by swbtsbloggers.

Question: Is the Old Testament about Christ?

Answer: Honestly, the Old Testament is about many things. By this statement, I do not mean that the Old Testament is not about Christ, for it certainly is. One of the dangers to avoid is finding Christ under every rock or tree in the Old Testament. This type of mistake is often found in allegorical treatments of Old Testament passages. I have heard it said that in the Old Testament, you don’t need exegesis, just a little extra-Jesus. However, such is not the case. Not every narrative or prophecy is a direct testimony to Christ; however, one does not need to push him in there.

The Old Testament is about Christ in the broader literary strategies of biblical books. It is often the case that Messianic passages are found…

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As I was reading through the text of the book of Exodus this summer, I noticed something regarding the two signs, which the LORD gave to Moses. Those two signs were aiming, not only, at mere confirmation of the truthfulness of the message (Exod 4:1-9), but also were to witness קוֹל a message to the hearers.

The usage of קוֹל (sound/voice), and the verb שׁמע (listen) in the phrase יִשְׁמְע֔וּ לְקֹ֖ל הָאֹ֣ת (Exod 4:8) translated by the NET Bible, “pay attention to the … sign” does not point to the meaning of the sign, but rather denotes  “the voice”, the “noise” it causes. As if the signs cry loud to the people, “this is supernatural, this is divine, and you got to believe.”

Therefore, these signs were to accompany Moses’ words, in order to witness to the divine origin of the salvation he proclaims. The Signs were a voice, a trumpet that this Salvation is both true and divine.

In fact, this pattern is similar to Jesus’ proclamation of salvation (John 10: 36-38). A proclamation that was accompanied by marvelous signs to witness to the Divinity of Jesus and the truthfulness and seriousness of His Salvation. Of course I need to do further study to confirm/refute this interpretation. Nonetheless, I thought it is worth sharing so far.

Read the Word

“We have done almost everything that is possible with these Hebrew and Greek writings. We  have overlaid them, clause by clause, with exhaustive commentaries; we have translated them,  revised the translations, and quarreled over the revisions.… There is yet one thing left to do  with the Bible: simply to read it.”

Richard G. Moulton, A Short Introduction to the Literature of the Bible (Boston: D.C. Heath, 1901)

As I Grow

As I grow in my walk with the Lord, I learn to thank Him for things that I used to complain about, also for things I used to fear from. He is the Creator and Savior; therefore, He knows everything and everyone. Surely His wisdom greatly exceeds my understanding, and His love would overcome my fears.

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