Not to Be Surprised


Surely there are many good and non violent people among all races and religious groups.Yet one cannot predict who out of the followers of  Islam would be born from below. By the “born from below,” I simply mean the exact opposite of the  biblical term “born from above,” or in other translations “born again” (John 3).

While this term might sound weird for most of non Christians, Christians shouldn’t be surprised. Because we Christians believe that God through His Spirit  transforms their lives, and they refer to this transformation as being “born again” or “born from above.” Therefore, it is not hard for us to understand that another faith system can offer an opposite transforming experience  from our own.

To be more clear, I am not trying to demonize the followers of Islam, but to clarify the wickedness of Muslims who take Islam seriously. Those serious followers of Islam are certainly  transformed by an evil belief system of deception. This system of faith is simply evil since it comprises clear elements of envy and violence. A belief system that justifies bloodshed of infidels, Jews, and Christians. All this, can be found , not only in the Quran, but also in the Hadith, and in the history of interpretation, and is practically manifested by their long history of intolerance toward different non Muslim faiths for more than fourteen centuries.

By personal observation, this transformation can span from few days to years, also it can never be completed to a full transforming experience in the life time of a Muslim (which  is in fact more common). Yet when this “born from below” experience occurs, and his/her mind is activated and indoctrinated with a seriously strong jihadic  belief system.

The consequences  conform to Hell, and people are astonished or rather stunned by this acts of Jihad. Nonetheless, Christians  shouldn’t be appalled by these acts of evil, because we also have a belief system that is good, and we not only believe that our good God exists, but also we belief  that Satan exists, and  that he is active in this fallen world (Eph 2:2). We can understand that there can be an evil transforming religious experience, when people truly believe in bad and evil doctrines.

Moreover, we also know that our  ultimate hope is not in the wisdom of this age, nor in an earthly savior who is a smart politician or a good statesman (although these are needed to restrict evil in the world), but our real  hope is in Christ and God’s Kingdom.To him be Glory and the final victory over all these evils, and over Satan himself (Rev 20:10).


Why I donot support Sisi

For many Egyptian Christians, Sisi is worth to be supported for several political and ecclesiastical reasons. Moreover, for completely different reasons, some conservatives in the West seem to prefer a stable and strong military leader in Egypt. Nonetheless, from mere Christian perspectives, supporting a lunatic tyrant shouldn’t be warranted.

Sisi might be fighting terrorists, but certainly not terrorism in the broader sense. On the contrary, his unjust policies will lead to an insurgence of terrorism.

If Christians would betray their principles of love, justice, and equality for political and security reasons, what a shallow and shaken faith they posses. I believe the Word of God, I take it seriously, and I cannot justify the deeds of an evil, liar, and lunatic tyrant- who torture, jail, and kill people, for the sake of temporary peace.

A true Christian should be true to Christ and his Word, not to a pope, or patriarch, or any earthly leader, and he/she is in no way obligated to support what violates his faith and conscience. Any Pharaoh will eventually perish, while the Lord will reign forever.


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