Christian Love

The Christian love is shaped by the biblical principle of sacrifice. God the Father showed us His love in the incarnational and sacrificial work of His Son (Jn 3:16). Moreover, love is given to Christians by the dwelling of His Spirit in them when they believed (Rom 5:5). Therefore, true Christian love is not about satisfying the self, nor it is like the hypocritical political correctness of the world. In short,  biblical Christians should not conform to the world’s perception of love, because they disagree with the world on the meaning, source, and end of love.



Devotion Psalm 93

There is an undeniable connection  between the dwelling place of the LORD and the presence of holiness,  between God’s reign and submission to His commandments. God forgives sin when its proper price is paid, by the shed of innocent blood as a sacrifice;  by the death of Christ the Savior. Nonetheless, sin is never tolerated by our Holy LORD, regardless of  what the world thinks. The reign of the LORD is a rule of holiness.

Kreeft on Resurrection

Because of resurrection, when all our tears are over, we will, incredibly, look back at them and laugh, not in derision but in joy. We do a little of that even now, you know. After a great worry is lifted, a great problem solved, a great sickness healed, a great pain relieved, it all looks very different as past, to the eyes of retrospection, than it looked as future, as prospect, or as present, as experience. Remember St. Teresa’s bold saying that from heaven the most miserable earthly life will look like one bad night in an inconvenient hotel!

Peter Kreeft

Better Eden

Better Eden

Devotion based on Genesis 3& Revelation 21

by  Hany N. Sadik

“He drove out the man, and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed the cherubim and a flaming sword that turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life.” (Gen. 3: 24)ESV .

It was essential for man/woman, in order to remain in Eden, to obey what God had said (the divine instruction), but unfortunately man longed for the forbidden, as we all often do, he/she risked his/her Eden with God for the sake of more knowledge, power, authority, independence, and above all to be more like God, who ironically had created him/her in his own image already. But man/woman wanted to be more like God in the wrong way, or in other harsh words: the satanic way, the way of the serpent; in a separating, challenging way, not in submission to the creator and his Word. That is how you and me drifted downward and lost our Eden with God.

Fortunately this was not the final word written in the story, for God, who created us in his own likeness had had good plans for us, but in his own way, remember He is God not us; He knows better, sees better, He is the founder of the whole universe, that is why we got to be humble, we shouldn’t be listening, all the time, to the serpent uttering sweet but fatal words in our ears , through the news, the media, in politics, economy, and in all the world’s wisdom of pride and lust, words which ignite revolution against our good creator and savior. Rather I urge you to trust in a good God, a hope in a deceiving world, submit to God’s will, walk in his ways, and be satisfied with his plans for your life. Restore your lost Eden with him, and the heavenly family (true believers in him) by putting your faith in Jesus: the God- man who apparently manifests the love of God to you (man/ woman) to a degree of being willed to die for you so that you be restored not to Eden but to a better Eden to the coming new holy city of God.

“And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” (Rev. 21: 2) ESV.


Things humans hope for

I don’t know why it has to be this way! May be because of the fallen nature (although it is found every where it is widely manifested here) , long dictatorship, or may be because of our simple minds, but sorry to admit that always at the end of the day- in countries like my own- it is either to be pro regime or a traitor. pro military or pro Muslim brotherhood, security supporter or anti-state anarchy.

Until this changes by opposition being admitted publicly and distinguished from Islamic terrorism ,no real development,  social or economic progress, human rights, religious freedom for all, freedom of speech, and all things humans hope for are to ever come true.

Please pray for the humans’ hope and freedom in Middle Eastern Countries


I See


I see  souls lost in a doomed world,

I see nations crumble, men women and kids’ corpses.

Folly leaders nurturing bugs that grow to eat their nations,

The sea swallowing the land, and the desert hungry for sand.

Police turning to gangs, and the peaceful cities are covered with military tanks.

I see no hope but a light from above. Not from this world that lost its mind.

I have a home far away from here.

I see it in my dreams a city without fire or fear .

The city of God ,  the only hope for those who believe He is near.

A Better World


 The world will mean nothing if there is no love, hope and faith embedded in it; without faith there is no trust in ourselves, and in God. No faith equals no God, for there is nothing to belief in, and no direction to lead us through  crazy and confusing instances.

A world with no hope is a world with no tomorrow, nothing but despair, and broken dreams hitting the shore of misery.

Without love, there are no relations, no fellowships, no families, just blocs of half-living half-dead human figures living in the same cold planet, consequently without love there is no God in this world; because God is love, and love is Jesus who died for me and you, for this world whom God loves.

A world without Jesus is no place worth living, it will be a place for defeat, death , and groaning, while a world with Jesus is a world which still have faith in someone who cares, love for a creator and a redeemer, and hope for a better tomorrow .

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