Christian Love

The Christian love is shaped by the biblical principle of sacrifice. God the Father showed us His love in the incarnational and sacrificial work of His Son (Jn 3:16). Moreover, love is given to Christians by the dwelling of His Spirit in them when they believed (Rom 5:5). Therefore, true Christian love is not about satisfying the self, nor it is like the hypocritical political correctness of the world. In short,  biblical Christians should not conform to the world’s perception of love, because they disagree with the world on the meaning, source, and end of love.



A Better World


 The world will mean nothing if there is no love, hope and faith embedded in it; without faith there is no trust in ourselves, and in God. No faith equals no God, for there is nothing to belief in, and no direction to lead us through  crazy and confusing instances.

A world with no hope is a world with no tomorrow, nothing but despair, and broken dreams hitting the shore of misery.

Without love, there are no relations, no fellowships, no families, just blocs of half-living half-dead human figures living in the same cold planet, consequently without love there is no God in this world; because God is love, and love is Jesus who died for me and you, for this world whom God loves.

A world without Jesus is no place worth living, it will be a place for defeat, death , and groaning, while a world with Jesus is a world which still have faith in someone who cares, love for a creator and a redeemer, and hope for a better tomorrow .

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