Devotion Psalm 93

There is an undeniable connection  between the dwelling place of the LORD and the presence of holiness,  between God’s reign and submission to His commandments. God forgives sin when its proper price is paid, by the shed of innocent blood as a sacrifice;  by the death of Christ the Savior. Nonetheless, sin is never tolerated by our Holy LORD, regardless of  what the world thinks. The reign of the LORD is a rule of holiness.


Tolerance to Jihad I

While we may view life in different ways according to our different perspectives. Still we all usually agree in that life is worth living. Nonetheless, when a group, a sect, or a party sees life as an exclusive right to his members, and views it for others as a gift to be bestowed by this same sect ( or in other words a charity it does by permitting them to exist along with it ). Hence, we should seriously be aware of what we are dealing with here.



It bothers me when I hear many postmodern voices from the West  shouting and chanting ; appealing their societies and governments to be tolerant by giving this religious group a chance to express themselves and to build on their profound heritage. Here where slogans like tolerance and Islamphobia come into play , but this is senseless to say the least; how can Westerns  defend the enemies of life yet claim to be reasonable?! How can you demand tolerance for killers who lie for a chance to deceive you!

This sect rises only in the dark and with darkness, they will use your Western tools, tolerance, and attitudes as they had used their own folks’ ignorance to rise to power, that’s it: I mean period, nothing more or less. No freedom, no real democracy no  real civilization, and not even a life worth living.

     Islamists will never abandon their core principles, terrorism is simply the English word for  Jihad, and it is not an unpleasant thing to them  -as you view it – nor bloodshed is of any sort of offense or even sin. Their consciences are not moved by it, as yours do. On the contrary terrorism is an essential religious activity to them in order to make Allah satisfied, and to live as a good Muslim.  Jihad (terrorism) is both in their identity and fruit of their belief system. It is deeper than you imagine, how than you expect them to betray or abandon it?! , Come on, don’t ask or hope for the impossible.

To be continued for suggested solutions for the dilemma.

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