Still We Need Him


Still We Need Him (1 Jn. 1)

Devotion by Hany N. Sadik

We make God out to be a liar if we denied our sinful doings; if we claimed that we don’t need forgiveness of our sins. Or when we –like many today,  are watering the effects and consequences of sin in both our lives, and the human affairs in general.

We are sinners simply because we are humans, the seed of Adam and Eve, Thus we need God’s grace and His forgiveness,  also due to the fact that sin is a serious issue to God, and it is so to us if we claim to be His children. We should not let our pride led us astray from basic biblical truths; It is true that we are now more sophisticated and developed than our ancestors in many ways, yet we still need to confess our sinfulness, and unrighteousness, still we need His redemption or to be more precise his Son Jesus, denying is lying to ourselves, to others, and most importantly concerning God’s truthfulness.

Being Christians don’t mean we are righteousness, but sinners who are saved and living by His righteousness and grace, it is not about us it is about Him, and his magnificent Jesus