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ImageThe power that filled & sustained Joshua and his fellows Israelites in conquering the promised land, and fighting the armies of the nations which had inhabited its cities was indeed a power from God almighty or more precisely God’s Power (Joshua 23: 3) , otherwise they would have been defeated very early. But although this power was great and effective for those battles against the nations of Philistine according to Old Testament narratives, yet more power was needed for the New Testament battles against the real enemies behind the scene: the devil & his hosts. The former battles were traditional ones with swords, spears, etc… While the later is a non traditional war against mighty evil spiritual beings (Eph. 6: 12) , thus need more power than before. This new power is the power of the Holy Spirit whom the early apostles have been baptized by, that is why you and me, and every Christian realizes that the Kingdom of Christ is at war against the kingdom of darkness is deeply in need of this power of the Spirit in order to be victorious in his walk with Jesus our king.


The strange thing about this God, the living god, is not that he is good, whereas other gods are bad, or any fact of that kind. It is that he is a person whom you can get to know, while they are always things which you can only know about. We may call them persons, but if all we know of them is what we know about them, then they are still really objects or things and they are not real persons to us. 

J.E. Fison. Understanding The Old Testament. Great Britain:Oxford press, 1962.

غد اّخر


هل تكفى السجون لكل المعتقلين

وهل تكفى المستشفيات لكل المصابين

يذهب هذا الجيل و يذوب الناس

يولد اّخرون  لا يريدون ذات الكأس

الا يوجد غد اّخر

ام ان قدرنا عراق اّخر

الم يكن يكفينا الفقر و المرض

و حياة بلا هدف او بلد

هل ثار الشعب ضد حكامه

ام ثار على نفسه و على حياته

اكانوا يريدون القبور

و جثث  تأكلها النسور

أعتدتم على منظر الدماء ام تحتاجون المزيد

لكن الامل لا يجب ان يموت

هناك مصر جديدة

بلد جديدة

طالما هناك جيل جديد

ينبت ليغير الواقع و يزيل كل الاساطير

مصر لا تكره و لا تضطهد

مصر لا تجوع و تقترض

مصر لا تقتل اولادها

و لا تلقى بعقولها فى سله مهملاتها

Will Be Done


Recently more than 60 church buildings were torched in various governorates across the country of Egypt, after massive clashes between Egyptian security forces and Islamists supporting ousted president Morsi. My approach, in this short post, is to scrutinize the idea behind this particular phenomenon. And to answer the most important question: is this action merely because of political reasons? Or it comes from a religious dogma rooted in the hearts of those Islamists?

To start let me try to understand the Islamists view of this matter that can be found in their writings (Quran, Prophet Mohamed’s hadith, and Fatwa).

Although the Quran comprises some verses that plainly label Christians, and Jews by infidelity, but it didn’t talk directly about our issue, nevertheless some of the early and trustworthy commentators on the Quran interpreted some verses, like for instance verse 40 in Surah El Hag (no.22), in a way that suggest than the only reason that spared some churches and synagogues from being torched or destroyed during the 7th century Islamic invasion is the restrict laws issued, by that time to ban those infidels ( Christians, and Jews) from building new ones or maintain old buildings.

Some famous hadith( sayings from the prophet himself ) suggest that he ordered his followers, not to allow building new churches or synagogues, nor shall they license the renewal of old ones in the lands which they will succeed to conquer.

If we should ban bars, and houses of fornication in the lands of Islam, how much more should we be obligated to ban the houses of infidel worship (church buildings) which are used to promote infidelity and polytheism” this statement is quoted from a famous Fatwa  based on some  similar hadith.

In short, by torching churches Islamists are not merely intending to terror or even punish Christians, they are obeying the will of Allah (god), and the orders of the Prophet which their modern rulers broke, or let me use an analogy from Christianity itself: we are familiar with the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6: 10 that reads as follows: “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, while Christians may pray for their Father in heaven in order that His will be accomplished on earth also as it is so in heaven, or they may also try to help it accomplished by evangelizing or charity doings or even by taking political sides , etc…,

In the same way Islamists who torch church buildings are simply accomplishing the ultimate will of Allah who will finally put all these Christians in the fires of Hell. It is their final destiny ( according to their doctrine), and all they are doing is what Allah will sooner or later do to all the non-Muslims any way.

We can easily infer from above that burning church buildings is not just a political phenomenon ignited from a political conflict between the non Islamic government and the M. brotherhood – as the popular media , and politicians interpret the issue-  but it has its religious and dogmatic roots that keep it on fire longer and higher when the time is proper for it to torch.

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